Vocal training for singing and public speaking

Voice Lessons

Vocal technique isn't just for the Broadway bound - it's for anyone who uses their voice on a regular basis.

Whether you are a singer, actor, or professional that relies on your voice for a large part of your job, The Voice Works Studio can help!

Gain confidence, control, and knowledge about how your voice works.

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Language Arts and ESL Training

Whether you are struggling with a college essay, professional communications, or need to improve your English as a Second Language, The Voice Works Studio can help!

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Piano Lessons

Singing and playing an instrument go together like Fred and Ginger. Enhance your skills or learn to play the piano the way you always dreamed using the revolutionary, research-based Simply Music Methodology and start playing songs with two hands from your first lesson!

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Voice Lessons are for everyone

Anyone can learn to improve their voice. We aim to give students a concrete understanding of how the voice works so they have a roadmap of understanding their voice. We are known for giving each student our full attention and always listening to what they need and are looking for out of lessons.

We give each student an evaluation at their first lesson. We provide concrete goals to work on each week. We do expect students to do their homework!

Many of our students are busy professionals so we offer convenient evening, weekend, and distance learning opportunities. We know that people like support when learning a new skill so we created a Facebook group for support open to all vocal skill learners, whether they work with our studio or not!


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Please contact us for more information, let us answer any questions you may have about our lessons, and schedule your first lesson...

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