Change the way you communicate.

Learn to speak and sing with confidence.

Singing Lessons

Learn to sing with ease, confidence, and proper vocal technique.

Public Speaking Lessons

Become an engaging public speaker live or on audio/video recordings.

ESL/Accent Reduction

Improve your knowledge of ESL and acquire a standard American accent.

Why work with a professional voice teacher?

Your voice is the main way you interact with the world around you. Learn to command your voice in order to reach and move your audiences.

Are you looking to improve your singing or speaking voice? Have you been told you are difficult to understand? Do you suffer fatigue after speaking or singing for long periods of time?  


What my students say…

“I started lessons with Milena at the tail-end of my recovery from a vocal injury I had suffered…I had spent years taking my voice for granted, including never warming up, and it turned out that meeting Milena at this time was crucial to my recovery. I learned invaluable tools from my lessons with her, including how essential warming up is and how to sing with less strain while just letting the sound out.” 

Kate Hinote of The Blueflowers

“Working with Milena on my voice was a very positive experience with a great outcome. She quickly determined my aptitude and my goals and lessons and exercises were focused on efficiently getting me to a higher performance level. About a year after an 8 week course, I have internalized and retained the vast majority of what I learned from her.”

Hugh Fader, singer-songwriter, 2008 Great Lakes songwriting contest finalist

“Milena teaches me an Accent Reduction Course…I enjoyed the way she broke the lessons down starting from the vowel sounds. She’s ready to repeat until I get the correct American pronunciation. She also gave me helpful tips that can help me learn faster. Nice smile, smart and relaxed personality. I’m confident that I will achieve my goals as the lessons progress. Thanks, Milena”

Hilda A., Accent Reduction Student from Nigeria

How Lessons Work

The Secret of Success

Do you want to conquer the vocal problems you know are holding you back? Do you want to sing without strain? Do you want to be heard and understood at work and in life? Do you want a clear path to achieve those goals?


I will provide you with specific feedback at your first lessonabout the problems I see and how we will solve them.


Students must commit to doing the work between lessons. There is no progress without a plan and practice.


We will celebrate the wins along the way, mark your progress with regular review of goals and how you are achieving them.


You must become your own teacher. I give you the skills to evaluate your own voice so you aren’t always wondering if you are doing things right.

Get started with lessons! 

Our Team

The Voice Works Studio also provides piano lessons. 

Milena Thomas

Soprano, Voice teacher

Nada Grubor

Piano teacher, ESL

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